Guiding Principles

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES are rooted in the “Rules of Cooperation:”

  1. Abundance – There is enough for everyone’s needs if we all cooperate.
  2. Equal Rights – Everyone has an equal responsibility to cooperate and everyone’s rights are respected as equal to everyone else’s.
  3. Peace – We will keep our bodies to ourselves, modulate our voices, be equal participants in critical discussions. When we feel strong emotions, we will let them pass through us so as not to come from a place of fear or anger, and we will engage with each other wholeheartedly and authentically.
  4. Personal Boundaries – We will only help others when it feels good to us to do so and we do not expect praise or payback.
  5. Vulnerability – We agree to tell each other what we are feeling, especially if we are angry or afraid.


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