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The Self Project

This workbook was designed to help parents and other caregivers of adolescents navigate the difficult teen years with mindfulness. The ideas and activities will help you develop your understanding of the adolescent brain and social-emotional needs and strengthen your relationship with your teen or tween.

One Teenager at a Time

This book is a social-emotional education manual for middle/high school educators and other organizations that work to guide youth in healthy personal and social development. The curriculum is innovative, creative, and draws on the most current research in education, mindfulness, and adolescent brain development.


Today’s teens face challenges unlike ever before, which makes it all the more important that the adults in their lives know how to help equip them with the social-emotional and critical thinking skills they need to guide them through the difficulties they encounter. Harnessing the incredible potential of these years is vital to developing resilience and the behavior and thought patterns that will serve them for decades to come.

The SELF Project offers tools and curriculum that are practical, honest, engaging, and data-driven so that you can help the adolescent(s) in your life take advantage of the unique development happening during these years. You can help them improve their relationships, communicate effectively,

develop a strong sense of identity, and create a community where they feel valued and safe.

Kari O’Driscoll created The SELF Project to be a science-backed resource for families and educators to use with confidence to foster better communication, build stronger relationships, and connect adolescents to community. She uses active, youth-driven discussions, exercises, and guided meditations to build intelligence (emotional and cognitive) and understanding. The curriculum is rooted in principles of mindfulness, non-violent communication, and scientific understanding of adolescent brain and social-emotional development.