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Teenagers (& Tweens). Nothing can fully prepare us for the way children change during the adolescent years, but learning how their minds, emotions, and social needs develop can go a long way toward helping us maintain strong, healthy relationships with our tweens and teens. Explore the ideas and activities offered by The SELF Project to see what you can do to positively impact your child’s life during these challenging years.

parent resources

The SELF Project offers simple, science-backed tools and resources to leverage your adolescent’s unique developmental power to help them to feel less confused, communicate better, improve relationships, be more successful, and connect with their loved ones and communities.

It’s not impractical, boring advice from a psychologist in a lab school, it’s not the latest woo-woo tricks and tips, it’s an honest, data-driven approach from a fellow parent of teens, designed to help you leverage the amazing advantages your teenager already has within them.

With The SELF Project for Parents, you’ll understand the science behind why they act the way they do, and implement the simple exercises to break through the difficulties of the teen years to build a stronger relationship with your child, and empower them for adulthood.

Books & Videos

Happy, Healthy Teens: Why Focusing on Relationship Works

This book offers clear, actionable ways for parents and educators to create and strengthen relationships with teens during a key time of growth and development. With an emphasis on mindfulness, non-violent communication, and rooted in what we know about brain and social development during the adolescent years, this book is a great resource for anyone who is struggling to understand how to support and connect with young people. It includes practical information and activities designed to help spur adults to reflect on their goals as well as unearth their hidden biases about teens and how to direct them. Happy, Healthy Teens focuses on small ways to make a big difference in how teens see themselves and experience their interactions with us and it will help you be more intentional in your choices as you navigate the challenges of the adolescent years. Creating strong, foundational relationships with young people during these years has an enormous, lasting impact on their ability to become adults who are confident, compassionate, and part of a healthy community.

One Teenager at a Time

This book is a social-emotional education manual for middle/high school educators and other organizations that work to guide youth in healthy personal and social development. The curriculum is innovative, creative, and draws on the most current research in education, mindfulness, and adolescent brain development.

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Workshops & 1-on-1

Parent Workshops

Parenting is hard work.

Parenting tweens and teens is another thing altogether, as they shift into another stage of brain and social development that is often baffling.

The SELF Project offers training and parent groups that emphasize mindfulness and nonviolent communication to help navigate these years with fewer power struggles and more effective strategies. Based on research by Brené Brown, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Laura Kastner and others, the goal of these groups is to build community and support for people raising tweens and teens and strengthen family relationships.

We offer strategies for having conversations about social media, substance use and abuse, sexual intimacy, and dealing with stress and anxiety. Using mindful parenting techniques, we can help parents create a solid plan to guide their kids through these tumultuous years and help educators create stronger connections with students.

1-on-1 Mindful Parenting Sessions

Need help parenting your teen?

Work with our founder, Kari O’Driscoll one-on-one via a video call. We can target your biggest concerns and talk about ways to build a stronger, more purposeful relationship with your child. 

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