About The SELF Project

The SELF (Social Emotional Learning Foundations) Project is a set of discussion prompts, worksheets, and exercises designed to help tweens and teens explore and share their ideas about mindfulness, empathy, compassion, gratitude, self-worth, and fear and anxiety.

OUR MISSION  is to help students maximize their own resilience as a path to generating compassionate, dynamic, resilient communities. By engaging in discussions about challenging issues, we can gain a greater, more comprehensive perspective of the complexities involved in those issues. Having those discussions in a safe place rooted in acceptance and curiosity, we can come to a profound understanding of our diversity and collective strength.


  • We believe information is power. Through anonymous surveys of students about their social media use, substance use, and social-emotional health, we can assess what issues are most pressing for a given school or community. Read our social media case study here.
  • We engage parents in supporting their kids’ social-emotional health by helping them understand the unique developmental challenges of adolescence, offering positive parenting practices, and teaching them what their kids are learning from us.
  • We tailor our programs to each individual organization or school based on what the kids, parents and staff determine they need most. Is it a single speaking engagement? A workshop? A series of parent education roundtable discussions? You tell us.

OUR CURRICULUM is dynamic and evolutionary.  It is based on a broad base of research in the areas of mindfulness, adolescent brain development, non-violent communication, emotional health, and practical parenting experience. Many of the resources utilized in the development of the worksheets and activities are cited on this site.

Please visit our blog to read about what we’re thinking about today. You can find more information on our curriculum, helpful links and resources, and contact information on the sidebar. We look forward to learning how we can help you.

Happier Kids, Stronger Connections