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You see it on a daily basis. Today’s teens are facing challenges unlike ever before and, as an educator, you know how important it is to equip students with the social-emotional tools they need to guide them. Harnessing the immense potential that exists during the adolescent years is vital to developing the academic and interpersonal skills they will need to succeed.


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Books & Audio

One Teenager at a Time

This book is a social-emotional education manual for middle/high school educators and other organizations that work to guide youth in healthy personal and social development. The curriculum is innovative, creative, and draws on the most current research in education, mindfulness, and adolescent brain development.

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Educator Workshops

We offer a variety of opportunities

For educators to learn about the ways they can work with students more effectively.

Whether you’d like to set up a school-wide training for teachers and administrators to learn about mindfulness or non-violent communication or an event for parents and teachers to learn how to collaborate to support middle/high school youth, we can make that happen. If you’ve purchased the book, One Teenager at a Time, and you’d like to strengthen your foundation as a facilitator and learn more about adolescent brain development, we’ve got your back.

NEW OFFERING: Communal Grief & Rage Work Finding ways to come together and collectively process the losses we have all felt – from school shootings to pandemic deaths to climate change and beyond – is important so that we can move forward and learn how to support each other. Contact Kari to learn more about how to work with youth and educators to do this important work and check out this webinar where she talks about why it’s necessary. 

Kari is available for group work, 1:1 coaching, and presentations.

We also offer strategies for having conversations about specific issues like social media, substance use and abuse, sexual intimacy, and dealing with stress and anxiety.

The Curriculum


Our curriculum, books, workshops, and trainings are designed to help adolescents explore and share ideas about mindfulness, empathy, compassion, gratitude, self-worth, fear, and anxiety through well-researched practices informed by:

  • Mindfulness research and studies
  • Adolescent brain development science
  • Non-violent communication methods
  • Emotional/psychological health research
  • Hands-on parenting experience


Our mission is to help adolescents develop resilience and a strong sense of self, as well as foster a positive, dynamic sense of community. By engaging in discussions about challenging issues, adolescents gain a greater, more comprehensive perspective of the complexities involved in those issues, as well as a deeper understanding of others. Having those discussions in a safe environment, rooted in acceptance and curiosity leads to a profound understanding of our diversity and collective strength.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are rooted in the “Rules of Cooperation:”

  1. Abundance – There is enough for everyone’s needs if we all cooperate.
  2. Equal Rights – Everyone has an equal responsibility to cooperate and everyone’s rights are respected as equal to everyone else’s.
  3. Peace – We will keep our bodies to ourselves, modulate our voices, be equal participants in critical discussions. When we feel strong emotions, we will let them pass through us so as not to come from a place of fear or anger, and we will engage with each other wholeheartedly and authentically.
  4. Personal Boundaries – We will only help others when it feels good to us to do so and we do not expect praise or payback.
  5. Vulnerability – We agree to tell each other what we are feeling, especially if we are angry or afraid.


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