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Sunday Prep Check-in (for students and educators)

Sunday Prep Check-in

Many of us start to feel anxious halfway through the day on Sunday, anticipating the beginning of another work or school week. This is a downloadable worksheet I created to help focus attention and plan for the week. Often, the simple act of writing down all the things we need to do has the effect of diminishing the looming sense of overwhelm we can feel.

Additionally, writing down reminders to play and relax every single day can help us develop the belief that these are things that are just as important as the “work” we have to do in any given week (whether that work is paid, graded, or simply devoured at the family dinner table). Simple reminders like this are powerful over time, and the questions at the bottom of the weekly table help us frame our response to the anxiety we might feel and plan for how to manage unexpected things that come up.

If you use this tool, I’d love to know if you find it helpful.